Admission Process


The R R Institutions' Admission Center facilitates the admission process of the prospective students by offering them necessary counselling and career guidance to help them select the right programme and the professional assistance they require.

The Center guides and helps students in processing their applications for the admission in the institute. An important aspect of R R Institutions is to include culturally diverse student population. R R Institutions strongly believes that students from all over India as well as other countries, who represent a broad spectrum of diversified cultural and economic environments, develop communal harmony and add to rich learning experience. Hence, the selection process is carefully designed to take account of this aspect.

Each applicant is objectively and critically assessed by the selection committee, which is constituted of technical and HR experts, on the basis of the student's academic accomplishments, analytical, communication and presentation capabilities. All the applicants who make through the preliminary selection process are personally interviewed by our Honourable Secretary and Honourable Director before the final acceptance. Admissions are finalized only after completing all the formalities and submission of required documents.


In this stage the candidate can enquire about the course, eligibility, college, and any other query that a candidate has. Generally, all the information is available on the R R Institutions website, or they can also call us on our hotline number given below.
If a candidate needs further clarifications on the courses (how it would enhance their career, placement opportunities, etc.), or needs help on choosing the right course, then they can opt for a counselling session with one of the counsellors at R R Institutions.
At this stage, the candidate needs to submit the photocopies of all the documents like mark sheets, and entrance exam score cards (for MBA / PGDM / B.Arch. only) so that the eligibility of the candidate for the opted course is checked and confirmed by the respective authorities at R R Institutions. In order to know the eligibility for a course, you can refer the website / contact the R R Institutions' Admission Center / refer the R R Institutions' brochure meant for the opted course.
All the candidates who opt for MBA course need to attend the selection process conducted by R R Institutions. For more information on the test scores accepted, minimum eligibility to attend the selection process, etc., refer the brochure / website or contact the Admission Office. opted course.
A candidate may take provisional admission in the opted course by paying the Registration Fee along with submission of necessary supporting documents & testimonials.
Loan assistance is given in terms of documentation on the completion of provisional admission formalities. Admission letter along with documents required to process an education loan are sent to the students which helps students to obtain a Loan easily. (foreign nationals only)
The final admission process takes place once the candidate brings along all the original documents required for admission and approval, pay the necessary fee, complete all the necessary formalities like filling in the required forms, and giving the measurements for uniform, etc. Once the final admission process is completed, a student can start attending the classes.
7. FRRO VISIT (Foreign Nationals Only)
It is a mandatory requirement for all Foreign nationals arriving on long term Student (S) visa to register themselves within 14 days of their 􀀤rst arrival in India, irrespective of duration of stay. Besides, the foreigners are required to adhere to any observation made on the Indian Visa. Registration facilities are not provided at the airport and are carried out in the office of FRROs or District Superintendents of Police (FROs). For updated information on immigration, visit