Student Clubs & Forums


The R R Institutions have a wide variety of clubs that help student to acquire diverse skill set. Each of these clubs are operated by students' members and board members under the supervision of faculty. Student clubs include Sports club, Cultural Club, Yoga Club, Heritage Club, Music Club, Fitness Club, Innovation Club, NSS Club etc. Students are motivated, encouraged and trained to participate in co-curricular activities, intercollegiate and inter university competitions. R R Institutions' seven days flagship cultural and sports extravaganza "KalataRRanga" organised every year provides opportunity for students to showcase their talents and skills.


Our mission is to provide a safe and light-hearted space for students to destress and empower themselves through the practice of yoga.


It is formed with a view to helping the students develop fluency and efficiency in both speech and writing, especially of foreign languages. Vision is to build a responsible student community, sensitive to the cultural, social, economical and ecological scenario of the contemporary world. Description The Literary.


The Eco Club of RRI plays a vital role in creating environmental awareness amongst the students. The club enables the RRI students to be sensitive towards environmental concern to tackle its problems.


The Music Club was set up in RRI, with the help of the Student Councils and the Assistant Deans under the guidance of the Deans to encourage our students to express themselves in the beautiful and healing language of music. The club meets every month. It serves as a platform for all students to showcase their talents, perform with each other and put up performances within the club among those who enjoy music, as well as for various programmes, both internal and external. The music club aims to display the wide array of talents possessed by the students of RRI.


Photography Club is a venue where like minded people who have a great passion for photography and a tight bond with it!!! The club usually meets once a month which is hosted by the members of the club.

Regular events and competitions are conducted where we motivate the young photographers to participate. We welcome all the new members to the Photography Club of RRI!


Fitness of students is as important as education. Education leads them to get better company and salary and better fitness gives them ability to work hard for the future growth. RRIAS consist wellness centre where the students are provided with many health and wellness facilities. We provide students well equipped Gym and dedicated sports arena.


R R Institutions' seven days flagship cultural and sports extravaganza "KalataRRanga" organised every year provides opportunity for students to showcase their talents and skills. The Cultural Forum is the driving force behind organizing all the cultural fests of the College. The forum provides an imposing platform for individuals to showcase their talent in the events conducted by other colleges and institutions.


The college has tie-ups with various clubs and resorts nearby which offer all amenities including swimming, badminton, multi-gym and other facilities. Baseball, table tennis, volley ball, aerobics and hockey facilities are available on the campus. The leisure rooms are an inviting space for students who relax while playing board games, watching TV, listening to music etc.


The NSS wing of the institution has been rigorously conducting and participating in various activities from their inception. They have been encouraged to participate in various activities like Tree plantation camp, Swatch Bharath Abhiyan, Flood Donation Camp etc.